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Evoxemo is a vibrant and enthusiastic creative studio which specializes in branding and design consultancy. Our artistic, innovative and consumer focused approach ensures extraordinary results for our clients.


Happy people
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We know it is crucial to select the right agency to work with. Why should you choose Evoxemo? Are we right for you? Well, apart from creating extraordinary results for our clients, we also like to have fun along the way – it simply enhances the work we do together.

We understand that every client, every brand and also every project has individual needs and challenges. Therefore, our approach is simple. We converse, observe and collaborate with each client and tailor our approach accordingly. We question everything and we challenge conventions. This enables us to understand businesses and clients. The perspective it offers helps us to convert complex problems to simple, viable solutions and deliver long-lasting business results.


Evoxemo aspires to produce and develop singular creative and aesthetic projects adapted to its clients’ desires. We are a multi-faceted creative consultant with passionate, like-minded collaborators who are the best in their own fields.

Our strengths lie in the curiosity, daring and artistic sensibility that motivate us, ensuring we never become complacent with what we do. We are experimental, forward and fun, always with the courage of creativity.

Our ambition is to evoke lasting emotional connects with the audience while still responding to set marketing goals.

How we work

Think of us as an extension of your team rather than a vendor. Working together is a beautiful love story where we meet, fall in love, communicate, set expectations, learn to trust each other, and work together as a team. As the saying goes - Talent wins games; teamwork wins championships.

Our process is transparent and iterative, so you will always know when and why we are doing what we are doing.

But that’s just us. Feel free to challenge us with something new.

We jump into
the unknown

Sangeeta Nandy

Co-Founder & MD

Sangeeta completed her master's degree in Microbiology from Bangalore University in 2001. Upon graduating, she joined the Sales and Marketing department of a pharma company, growing their market and brand. After realising her natural talent for marketing, she switched to a pure marketing and sales environment by joining HCL. She helped global brands like Nokia, Apple, Hitachi, Belkin, Creative, Molex and Worldspace establish strong presence in India. Her phenomenal work, especially in rural India, received numerous accolades and awards.

Sangeeta founded Evoxemo in 2010, to bridge the gap between the Indian lifestyle and interior design market and the flourishing Indian art movement. However, with a strong business background and an ability to deliver considered and thoughtful perspective on projects, she developed Evoxemo into a full-service design consultancy distinguished by its approach, focus and delivery.

Syed Naqib Ahmed

Co-Founder & Creative Head

Thanks to his illustration skills, an apprenticeship at Ken School of Art and an early exposure to various design software, Naqib was already a practicing designer prior to earning his Masters in Print and Animation from Gates Academy (Digital Art Media, USA). He went on to lead the creative teams across all projects, at prestigious design firms like Foley Designs, Shining Consulting and Rezonant Designs. During his career of over 15 years, he has led design operations in creating, developing and evolving household brands like ITC, Reliance, Wipro, Mahindra, L&T, Marico, 3M, UB Group, Tata Chemicals, Kidzee, Madura Garments, Adobe, Accenture, Siemens, GE, Applied Materials, Oracle, Titan, Himalaya Drug Company, SAB Miller, TATA and JSW. Having worked on more than 250+ brands in India, his creative solutions touch the lives of every Indian, every day!

After harnessing a wealth of experience and knowledge, Naqib joined Evoxemo in January, 2015 to focus on its creative services and help expand Evoxemo into a full-service branding and design studio.

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